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tv   [untitled]    May 3, 2015 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> thank you so much not very often i get a poem written about you just a couple of quick thanks for the board funding our coaching position it is a integral part of our schools, and, secondly, deep thanks to all the colleagues another brilliant that make my work powering possibly and continue to support our kids in the district so thank you very much. >> dr. murase i'd like to innovative our lisp from the unit administrators of san
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francisco to come down with a special recognition of the association of the region 5 administrators of the year. >> hello, everybody my name is jean robertson the president of the united administrator of san francisco and i'm thrilled to be here tonight to celebrate some ever our members and some bigwigs here in the district so i'm not alone i travel in a posse so i have replenishing or richard and sheryl the executive directors and our new vice president bill my partner in crime and allen lee is the past president of actions to region 5 and good ole linda she's the president of elect and carolyn
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and we had a party last night and got to dress up and wear our pretty church clothes and honor some folks i want to give some shout outs len an are you in the house shows the principle at alice k a extraordinaire and happy for you and ink i don't think if hose he's here he is the best of the best and he really had a lovely little speech last night it was wonderful and donna was chosen by her peers if the personnel department and mayor ed lee
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young lee just a class act he's the classiest guy and, of course the big toe we call you the big toe and richard carr san francisco district attorney we pick you like from our peers that's the nicest award of you'll when our people are recognizing you this is a feature in your cap to let our aunts and uncles know you one this award is there anything else i have to say this is a big agenda and in the end congratulations open being amazing and making our district wonderful. >> it concludes item c now d
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student delegate report we'll hear in the set the record straight student delegate report. >> question collaborated with commissioners sandra fewer and had discussion about the first reading we'll do today for the cpr we want to thank her for that i want to make sure oh, as caution that the resources are allocated for training the teachers fast for full-time and to coordinate the program for the cpr training equipment and elevations to make sure the students liked it and understood it and went along with it also the fcc is proud to welcome this solution and hewe got together to
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discuss this policy we want to thank the wellness initiative policy team and also the achievement and success of african-american students in sfusd so last night the fac has offered a new resolution presented by mr. dickey thank you for all who were involved and some of the students sits on the council liquor to advocate on having their schools reserve as part of budget to support this program and budget. >> all right. so a anti-bullying anti-bullying anti-bullying event at george washington our goal is to invite and inform all
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students of the community event on march second a saturday from 9:30 to 4:00 p.m. and tech global on 431 brandon street lunch will be provided so be there the safety crossing guard we're religiously pedestrian accident and promoting public safety with supervisor yee office we are incorporating more schools to be part right of program our next meeting is monday may 11 the fac is a public council and anyone is well, welcome to come and lunch will be provided if you liquor to attend make a presentation or would like a copy of our
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upcoming agenda contact our fac coordinator salvador. >> thank you student delegates i want to add one thick to the anti billing issue on saturday there's a card for a website you can sign up i have flyers thank you very much and the are in the middle of school examines the next agenda pat advisory committee recorded there is none tonight in no objection from my colleagues i'd like to take out of order the k the quality teacher and education oversight committee any objections if not i'm going to turn it over to mr.
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instructor. >> you thank you very much commissioner president murase so we would like to call forward this evening director chris who will introduce our guests this evening talking about the oversight committee. >> thank you superintendent carranza i'm chris policy and planning a staff liaison for the oversight committee i'm pleased to present to you tonight mr. frankly and ms. peggy that will the gentleman is the current chair and ms. leo is the in go coming chair for the oversight committee. >> good afternoon. i'm frankie charge i the kwaft of the quality chair and oversight committee that past year tonight we'll talk about what occurred during the year i have a couple of people present to help with
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the presentation, of course we introduce ms. peggy lee but i also have with us a member of the cpa person i'm going to start off with the summary and i'm going to turn it over to our audit team she has a few words and sum up the report the purpose of the oversight committee so insure that the procedures from the proposition passes in june 2008 that brought in revenue approximately $36 million or rough $22 million are expend for the purpose described in the proposition and formality for thein the s p oversight committee quote to the public for the expenditure of
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parcels and actively review and report on this taxpayers money generated by the tax the q ta or oc meets approximately every other month they're complimented of reports from the budget staff and presentations if the program managers like the teachers matter and of september 2015 ucsf professionals who conducted on orientation for new members of the orientation seemed to be a value and focused the taken into consideration attention on the work thank you to each of those professionals and the dedicated san francisco unified school district finance and budget professionals
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oc we thank you frank and ashamed as a committee chair and look forward to the addition of new members and expect them to receive a thorough orientation to help what the transition thank you and congratulations to both folks one couldn't come and who will serve with kathy that serves as the committee in secretary i'm going to for the interest of time especially not only in the interest of time and the fact you have the report we're going to move along and focus only first of all, when we get around to discussing programs that benefit from q ta we'll focus on innovation and
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personal development and at the next meeting an additional presentations from staff who's department benefits from the q ta fund and included in the report is 5 attachment for the bottle language that the q ta 2013-2014 adding argued upon and the audit report with the multi year budget analyst and the q ta memorandum of understanding so just a couple of quick orders words on the audit before i i'm going to turn it over to nathan he represents tying day llp and in this past year the oversight committee required the fund balance over $9 million be designated as restricted for q
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ta purposes that is foot not number 4 in the financial statement furthermore the oc received periodic updates with the oc represented in an effort to analyze one million dollars in dick indirect costs as both parties continue to discuss this matter the oversight committee spent this be in compliance with the original bottle measure so this is our start here i'm going to turn it over to nathan that will summaries summarize the report. >> i'm nathan with day we're the auditors of the unified school district when what i have my roll in this whole board i
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present you the results of the audit of the q ta fund there are two reports you have the first one i'll walk you through briefing the annual financial report it is labeled the property tax fund and june 2014 finance report is paves page the want to show you is of most interest to the members of the board is an page 3 which essentially lace out and itemize where the fund went and the even though expenditures during the 2014 fiscal year of the q ta dollars we began with 6 and a half million dollars there were expenditures and where it tomorrow and at the end of the year the fund balance this was
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mentioned is referring to it being restricted that $9 million was restricted to the used by the district within the realm of the q ta within the proposed bullet points the second reports that we have is is earth day upon procedures report shows the procedures from an audit prospective to determine if those are items old on the financial are report are spent in corneas with the ballet the page that is most relevant to everyone is page 3 and it shows the results the procedures 13 and the third procedures is the expenditures we didn't identify the expenditures with the q ta as of 2008 the results of audit
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it was a good audit and the strict spent the fund with the intended use on the bottle with that said it was a clean audit and no issues there were no adjustments necessary in order to estate the financial statement with that said, if anyone has any questions regarding the audit that is what i'm here for . >> there are no speaker cards on this item any questions or comments from my colleagues commissioner walton. >> first of all i wanted to thank the q ta oversight committee for your service and work as noted i served on the committee for a couple of years and belief as co-chair sorry i had to leave brutal but with my new role i wanted to say again, thank you for your services and
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for another clean audit and i'm role existed about what we can do for the educators with the $9 million carry over in the future thanks again for your service. >> commissioner wynns is the $9 million unanticipated revenue? >> well, the $9 million represents the difference between the total revenues that have's come in as the total expenditures since the inception of the program it represents a fund balance that the district has within the q ta at the end of the 2014. >> the q ta allowable activity. >> exactly. >> so it's been mount up over a few years as a committee discussions what whether the amount that is more revenue than
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expenditure each year is we should anticipate that and add more activities or plans. >> what are the issues that was brought up this matter was brought up specific by u e sf and the memorandum of understanding was spelled out what happens p when the revenues steady the expenditures so thankful contacted each other to ask questions about having those fund available and one of the moves we've made this year it was important i believe was the fact that we termed the fund balance restricted so for this purchase only there's a conversation to refer back to the language in the memorandum of understanding to determine
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how that gets used. >> can we the board be briefed as a discussion go forward thank you very much. >> i want to recognize the q ta it is many, many long hours away from our professional life we appreciate all the service and thank you very much for your report. >> i have one question i wanted to know do we have how much we spent on the innovation lab i did not see in the report. >> i think that is part of it is part of one of the larger line items that is present i believe that is line item innovation research and development and it is a component ever that and i'll get it specific point and communicate that. >> 9 hundred 80 thousands. >> oh okay. so this section
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of making the innovation lab was 9 hundred and 80 thousands? >> for the past year. >> so that must include the awards i'm wondering about the labs. >> it is shocking we can redo half a school with that kind of - yeah. >> good evening commissioners regarding the question around the notation the lab is a portion of 9 hundred line item and the impact and innovation awards are a different line item a school block grant. >> it is $600000 line item it is school recognized. >> oh, so school wide recognize was 6 hundred thousand. >> yeah. and others lab
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notations lab i will that's probably redundant because i asked that was a portion of $980,000. >> that's a portion of the line item that called notation research and development which in here comes to about a million dollars and within that budget is the support. >> okay. so now i'm wondering what the 9 hundred and 80 thousand was spent on i don't need that report now but someone tell me how much for the i labs and the $980,000 was spent on i'm milking that is something notch so (laughter)
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hopefully anyway no rush and i think know i've should have contacted you beforehand i'm wondering where it went we'll get it no rush for clarification. >> any further questions from commissioners if not thank you very much for you report tonight oh, yes. >> commissioner president murase i wanted to take one quick moment and acknowledge mr. reilly who is about to cycle off after serving for over 4 years on this committee and we wanted to make sure that that we had a recognition for you service, sir thank you very much you've served well and faithfully and this psa past year step forward in a leadership role and an inspiration to work with you
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thank you (clapping) the next item is j public comment on consent items i have one speaker card president of u a sf and this is public comment on the consent items only one minute please. >> if dynamic that person i put in a card to speak on the q ta. >> good evening. i'm susan solomon first, we wish to thank the oversight committee and congratulate frank he worked hard and so did the committee we have a few things to mention that were brought up during the report at least one of them the
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first is the cost the district spends q ta money and calls it indirect costs to the tune of one mom and dad's o million dollars those costs include an assertion by the staff and the principles and hard to staff schools need to spend four days to anticipate the fund that the district is explaining the principles and department heads earner nearly a thousand dollars a day for the work we know they don't so we're concerned that q ta not be charged be charged for legitimate costs but not used as a cash cow for other extensions that are genetically called indirect costs as the gentleman mentioned the q
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ta revealed $9 million in unspent funds of an unspecified nuke of years the funds with not a cash cow or a piggy bank they're intended to the improvement of the education for our children and retention of staff it should be spent so for those purposes unless there's a clear agreement to use it as a saving plan and you'll parties agree it that and finally not a cash cow or piggy bank but based on a memorandum of understanding we were actually astonished to learn the oversight committee was not aware the contractual language and happy that the foundation of that mou was brought forward to so the oversight committee saw it and
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used it so we suggest as the board continues to appoint members to the oversight site committee we hope that the indirect costs go to the need of the services and the district will holds regular meeting with the union to shepherd the use of money and all matters dealing with q ta will be covered in transparency thank you. >> thank you very much is ms. robertson still here? one minute please. >> hi i was a little bit confused of the timing of this public comment but i'm here regarding the t n t p piece on the agenda i just
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want you to know that u a sf has been at the table this is not the right time hydra. >> we've called public comment on the agenda. >> so it's okay. i'm sorry. there was wasn't a little bit of confusion i want you to know we've had a bumpy start we're at the table it is a under developed project that's in process we have two u a members that are sitting on the project both bill and mark sanchez and we are hopeful we'll develop a principle that i'm program that meets the needs of the aspiring schools so we are going to be stiff and heavy involved throughout thank you. >> thank you, ms. robertson
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we've concluded public comment and moving to g consent calendar is there a motion and second. >> second. >> thank you very much any items withdrawn or corrected by the instructor. >> yes. we have two a correction to the consent calendar item 2 e-154b 5 correct name of reference name from american hearts association to american heart association and the second is s is withdrawn 4b resolution on pages 196 and 197 thank you very much mr. steel any items removed for first reading by the board seeing none any items served for vote.
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>> ms. fewer. >> this is a b resolution item on page 42. >> commissioner wynns. >> i want to remove the new teacher project i'm sorry. >> i'm sorry oh, i guess when i said item 50 is the 154 dash 28 b-7 is more accurate i believe that it is 2 g on page 42a. >> that's right. >> yes. it is 2 g. >> thank you very much roll call vote will take place in section o we're on item h superintendent proposal speaker
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cards if no objection from my colleagues i'd like to move up the gateway charter there are is the in the audience (clapping.) seeing none i'm going to call authorization to grants or alternative deny the renewal it was moved and seconded. >> may i have a reading of the resolution by the superintendent. >> thank you commissioner president murase and i'd like to ask the director michael daycares to please read the resolution. >> thank you superintendent carranza. >> authorization to grants or in the alternative deny the renewal for gateway middle school charter